Greenseed Juice | Carrot Love

Greenseed Juice | Carrot Love

Carrot love was a big time crowd pleaser during our time running a vegan cafe in our hometown, Jessheim. It just has that vibrant color that makes you feel good about life!

Scale your veggie intake with juice

Jucing is popular and it’s a good way to get more greens into your system. Quick and easy. But we know that if something doesnt tast good, no one will continue consuming it. That’s why we used litterally months to experiment and adjust our recipes to make sure we found just the right balance fo flavours. The result? We love these juices!

Maybe we’ll get these babies into LOCO? Would you want that?

Orange fingers

Carrot is a healthy and easily found veggie,all year around in Norway. We also added turmeric – and this is also what contibuted to the amazing color.

Tip! Turmeric gives away a lot of color and it will stain everything it comes into contact with. Fingers and equipment – especially silicon or plastic. Gloves might be a good call if you’re worried about that. Or just scrub your hands with left over coffee grains after. Free advice!

Here you go. The recipe for carrot love! And hey! Why not match this beauty with another goodie, kale chips?

Greenseed juice | Carrot Love

Recipe by Elin FjeldCourse: DrinksCuisine: JuiceDifficulty: Simple
Serving size


Calories pr/ 100g



A beautifully refreshing juice that makes you happy, containing a lot of goodness. You’re gonna need a juicer for this recipe.


  • 15 g Turmeric

  • 100 g lemon without zest

  • 300 g green apples

  • 500 g carrot

How it’s done

  • Find a weight and a bowl. Remember to reset the weight for each new ingredient. And it doesn’t have to be perfect on the number.
  • Peel and cut the turmeric.
  • Cut the apples in four, to remove the core.
  • Cu the ends of the carrots and peel them if they are not organic (or leave it if you don’t care about that!)
  • Cut of the ends of the lemon and peel and cut into pieces.
  • Add all the ingredients to your juicer gradually and its ready to drink!
  • You can strain the juice if you like a clearer juice. Enjoy!

Nutritional value per 100 g

  • 154 kJ / 42 g kcal: Fat 2%, Crbohydrates 78%, Fiber 14%, Protein 6%

Om forfatteren

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